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Real time standards matter

Standards Matter

Why build a realtime platform?

  • Your customers expect your service to work at light speed. You need to design for realtime.
  • Realtime allows you to design new innovative services. It makes possible to create new business models.
  • Chat, bots, live interactions, IoT... These are all new but already are taken for granted by customers.
Why build a realtime platform?

Why use standards?

  • Make your developers happy by supporting the two major realtime standards. No need to make a though choice.
  • Be future proof by supporting the standards. Your investment will be well spend, as you can use both XMPP & MQTT, or switch from one to the other.
  • Rely on proven and maintained open source libraries for all programming languages.
  • Be vendor independant. Switch & test other servers and services.
Why use standards?
What make Fluux different?

What makes Fluux different?

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Featureful with flexible APIs

Use a SaaS platform that adapts to your needs.

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Scale with confidence

Get from your first user to billion on the same platform

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Aim at stellar uptime

Realtime systems by definition do not tolerate downtime.

Secure and powered by experts

Secure and powered by experts

• Monitored and supported 24/7

• State of the art security and compliance

  • EU GDPR Compliant
  • TLS 1.3 and AES256 Encryption
  • US, EU or other AWS data location
  • Data encryption at REST
Secure and powered by experts

Flexible Pricing

• Effective pricing: our pricing will adapt to your usage

• No long term commitment